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I attended my first year in primary school in Holland during the second world war. There was a shortage of teachers (this was while all teachers were still male!). My first teacher was a retired professor in Philosophy. He did NOT start arithmetic with learning to count. He in fact NEVER mentioned arithmetic. He introduced us to Mathematics.

He taught us (6 year olds) that mathematics is the language of describing and understanding the behaviour of God’s creation.

He introduced us to the characters of (what he called) the number-bet (alphabet of numbers 0-9) and the operators (signs) +, – and =. After having learned the characters and the operators and the rules for applying the operators we applied the language of Mathematics to solve problems of counting, addition and subtraction.

Prof. Koop Lubbinge


Founder & CEO
(BSc Mathematics,
Applied Mathematics and Physics,
MSc Nuclear Physics)

Within one year we were multiplying numbers because it is merely repeated addition. We were dividing numbers because it is merely repeated subtraction. After two years the ‘philosopher teacher’ was replaced by a proper teacher. Fortunately nothing I learned in the conventional way could destroy what I had learned in my first two years. More important:

I learned to love the language of mathematics!

This has allowed me to pursue a successful career in technology, engineering, science, business and academics. On my retirement, in 2002, I decided to solve the problem of teaching mathematics to pre and primary school learners. After 12 years of research, development and testing the result is TOWER MATHS!

The fear of mathematics is a national
  • addiction.
  • problem.

Shocking Statistics
about South African Schools
Mathematics Competency Average (Gr. 9) 2013
Numeracy Level(Gr.3) 2011
Maths pass mark(Gr.12) 2017

More Facts

  • All the existing research in South Africa points to the fact that children are not acquiring the foundational numeracy skills in primary school and that this is the cause of under performance in higher grades. (Mail & Guardian December 13 to 19, 2013)


  • The annual literacy and numeracy tests for grade one to six and nine aren’t comparable over time or across grades. Talk of improvement is misleading. (Nic Spaull: Researcher Stellenbosch University)


  • The majority of all people worldwide have a fear of mathematics. Many matriculated young people in SA are unemployable because they lack essential skills in mathematics.

Your Options

  • Do nothing

  • Complain

  • Assume it does not
    apply to your child.

  • Wait for the Department
    of Education to solve the problem.

The Solution

  • Take personal responsibility for your child’s future.

  • Towermaths has been developed by professor Koop Lubbinge. (BSc Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Physics, MSc Nuclear Physics) currently professor in Organisational Behaviour and Operations Management of the International Action Learning MBA (IALMBA) of the Business School of Netherland (BSN).
  • Towermaths is a breakthrough in the teaching of numeracy (mathematics) at primary school level.
  • Towermaths beats the best investment in your child’s future by far!